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Design for complete civil structures and supervision for Tonasa V Cement Plant (whole plant civil work) in South Sulawesi (capacity of 2.5 million ton/year) including belt conveyors, transport galleries and harbour facilities

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Semen Tonasa V, South Sulawesi, Design and supervision for

Limestone Crusher Clay Crusher Silica Stone Crusher Coal Crusher Limestone Storage Raw Mill Feed Raw Mill & Exhaust Gas Cond. Raw Meal Silo Cyclone Preheater Tower Kiln & Hot Air Duct Grate Cooler Clinker Storage & Off Standard Bin Coal Mill Gypsum Storage Cement Mill Feed Cement Mill & Fly Ash Handling Cement Silos (Plant site) Packing Plant Cement Silos (Harbour site) Central Control Room Motor Control Center Main Substation & Substation Electrical Rooms Road & Drainage Cable Pit / Cable Trench Transports & Gallery Conveyors New jetty extension (supervision) Ship loader on new jetty Leppangeng & Biringere Bridge's Strengthening

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Semen Padang Indarung VI at Padang

Design and Supervision

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Cement Padang's Silo & Packing Plant in Dumai

Supervision & Quality Control

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Semen Padang Cement Silos 1, 2, 3, 4 in Indarung V, West Sumatera

Leakage and Waterproofing Repair Work (Total Repair Surface: 11400 m2)

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